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JumaMap – Services for Refugee una mappatura – a mapping – at national level – of services aimed at asylum seekers and holders of international protection. The contents of the platform are available in 22 languages..

Night shelters, family homes for mothers and children, hostels for adults or elderly or sick people who belong to the social emergency system activated by municipalities or charitable institutions. These services are aimed in particular at those asylum seekers or refugees who are outside the reception system dedicated to them or who are unable to return.

Hospitals, with specialized clinics, voluntary associations and organizations that offer free basic and / or specialist medicine services, socio-health guidance in order to facilitate access to the health system for those in need.

Knowledge of the Italian language is a fundamental tool for those who arrive in Italy and embark on a path of integration. The school system and associations offer various possibilities for attending free and qualified Italian language courses. The courses are aimed at adults and children and divided by learning level.

Training bodies, trade unions, associations, Employment Centers (CPI) and Job Orientation Centers (COL), which carry out free information and guidance activities for the purpose of job placement. Through some of them it is possible to activate internships and / or work grants that aim to strengthen that set of skills essential for entering the world of work.

Bodies, associations and organizations offering administrative and legal advice. Among the main practices: appeal against the refusal of the Territorial Commission; collection of stories for the request for international protection; family reunification, citizenship and advice on residence permits.

Hospitals, clinics, counters, listening centers and teams specialized in health protection where it is possible to access various services, including: psychological and / or psychiatric support and medico-legal certifications.

Locations of the Police Headquarters where to submit the request for international protection. Locations of the Territorial Committees for the recognition of international protection where the hearings of those who have submitted the request take place. Offices of the one-stop shops and prefectures where to start family reunification, citizenship and other administrative procedures.

Associations and entities that distribute basic necessities free of charge. This section also indicates the solidarity canteens that offer meals and the places where food is distributed.

Facilities dedicated to welcoming and supporting women victims of violence and their children and minors. The team that welcomes women and minors must guarantee a multidisciplinarity of skills, capable of guaranteeing support paths while respecting the cultural differences and the history of each woman.

Disability is the result of the interaction between people with impairments and behavioral and environmental barriers, which prevent their full and effective participation in society on an equal basis with others.







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