Covid Evidenza Regole e comportamenti Salute

Green Pass

The Green Pass, otherwise known as Green Certificate, and in Europe as the EU Digital COVID Certificate, is necessary to travel in Europe and Italy in safety. The Pass will be effective in all nations members of the EU starting on July 1st 2021.

Starting on August 6, in all zones, the Green Pass will be mandatory to:

  • Eat sitting down inside a restaurant and coffee shop
  • Visit museums and exhibitions
  • Attend public shows, concerts, events and sport competitions
  • Participate in activities inside cultural, social and recreational centers (summer
    camps and day care centers are exempted)
  • Go to gyms and health clubs (pools, gyms, fields for teams sports) that are enclosed and spas
  • Go to health facilities and rest homes
  • Visit amusement parks
  • Participate in fairs, festivals, conferences and conventions
  • Go to parties and receptions
  • Participate in open competitive exams
  • Go to arcades, betting parlors, bingo halls and casinos.

In Italy the Pass will be issued by the Ministry of Health via computer or in person.

The Green Pass can be obtained by:
– Logging onto the website with your Spid, National Health Service Card (“Tessera Sanitaria”) or ID
– Via App Immuni
– Via App IO
– Entering your Electronic Health Record (“Fascicolo sanitario elettronico”)
– Asking your medical provider, pediatrician or at a farmacy

If you don’t belong to the National Healthcare System, you can nonetheless download the Pass from the website Certificazione verde COVID-19, by inserting the code (AUTHCODE) received by SMS or electronic mail along with the ID presented at the time of your test or the emission of the recovery certificate.

In the following instances, the Pass will be issued automatically, and at no cost to the individual:

a) Fifteenth days after having received the first dose of the vaccine or having been given the one dose vaccine
• Expiration Term: Till your second dose, or in the case of the one dose vaccine up to 9 months
• Pass will be issued by computer or in person 15 days after the second dose of the
vaccine or after the one dose vaccine has been given

b) The vaccine cycle has been completed
• Expiration Term: Nine months
• Pass will be issued by computer or in person: 15 days after the one dose vaccine or 2
days after the completion of the vaccine cycle

c) You have recovered from the virus, and isolation is finished
• Expiration Term: Six months from your recovery
• In this instance the Green Pass (digital or in person) will be issued upon request of the individual concerned by the hospital where the individual was recovered or, for those who were not hospitalized, by your national health insurance doctor, starting the day after recovery has been diagnosed

d) Having taken a molecular or rapid COVID-19 test with a negative outcome
• Expiration Term: 48 Hours after the test
• In this instance the Green Pass (digital version or in person) will be issued upon request
of the individual, a few hours after the test by private or regional labs, pharmacies or
National Health Insurance doctor.

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GRIOT The podcast that answers questions about the life paths of young migrants and refugees in Italy

GRIOT The podcast that answers questions about the life paths of young migrants and refugees in Italy. A podcast by U-Report On The Move, UNICEF’s digital platform that supports and informs young migrants and refugees aged 15 to 24. The platofrm is free and you can send messages anonymously. U-Report on the move is  available in Italian, English, French, Arabic, Albanian, Bengali and Tigrinya.

Arci, in particular, as part of the “Here4U” project. supported by Unicef, collaborated by responding to issues related to legal support.


Covid Evidenza Regole e comportamenti Salute

Immunization Campaign Against COVID-19

Immunization Campaign Against COVID-19
On December 27, 2020, EU nations kicked off the immunization campaign.

 The following categories will be vaccinated first:.

  • All medical and public health personnel
  • Nursing home residents and personnel
  • Seniors over 80 years old


  • Vaccines against COVID-19 are FREE
  • Vaccines against COVID-19 are free to EVERYONE (Italians and foreigners)
  • Minors under 16 will NOT be immunized
  • The vaccine is NOT mandatory, but it is important that the largest number of people be immunized to stop the spread of the virus
  • The vaccines currently approved for distribution need to be administered twice. The pause in between doses is determined by the vaccine itself
  • The individuals who have had COVID-19 will be able to get vaccinated
  • When the vaccines availability increases, the immunization campaign will be opened to the rest of the population15.

Visit the section: Information on How to Sign-up for vaccine

Source: FAQ from Ministry of Health website