WORKEEN – SIRIUS Game for EU Labour Markets Integration

WORKEEN, is a serious game conceived in the context and spirit of the Sirius project, designed and developed to help users to increase their chances of successful integration, with a focus on those issues related to the labour markets.

WORKEEN aims at supporting migrants, asylum seekers and refugees from different countries seeking and finding employment in different European countries. This serious game aims also at including young unemployed people without particular skills (eg NEETS), in the same European countries represented by the SIRIUS consortium: the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Italy, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

The three main objectives of this serious game are:

– how to find a job, e.g. contacts, networking, where to look, documentation needed, preparing a CV, a letter of motivation, etc.

– training on soft and practical skills for a job interview, e.g. arriving on time, suitable attire, conducting the interview, etc.

– training on soft and practical skills for a job, e.g. communication, socialisation, and organisation. The three working profiles, chosen to simulate different job situations, are ‘the storeman’, ‘the cleaner’ and ‘the receptionist’.

The game is a balanced combination of dialogues and casual games, with the focus primarily on learning.

The app is co-designed both with experts in the labour market integration of migrants, refugees, asylum seekers in Europe and it is currently available in English and in other 6 languages: Arabic, Czech, Farsi, Finnish, French, Italian.

WORKEEN is accessible by anyone interested and is available free of charge.

Workeen app
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