How to Get a Green Pass if You are Not Enrolled in the National Health System or Do Not Have a Health Insurance Card

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Those individuals who have been vaccinated but are not enrolled in the National Health System, do not have a digital National Identity Card, a Health Insurance Card, or a Public Digital Identity (SPID,) or the App IO, can get a Green Pass through the following procedure:

  1. Go to the site and click on ‘Health Card (Tessera Sanitaria;)richiedere il green pass
  2. On the menu you must choose the option that best suits your situation, i.e. User Not Enrolled in National Health Services but Vaccinated in Italy (or User Without Health Insurance Card, Vaccinated in Another Country, if you have an AUTHCODE,) fill all the slots and click on  ‘Retrieve Certification’ (Recupera Certificazione.)
  3. Fill in your Fiscal Code in the appropriate slot or the Identity Code assigned to you by the TS System (Health Card System.)

IMPORTANT: It is not sufficient to just insert the numerical code but the alphabetical prefix (STP or ENI) must be added. This way you will reach the number of digits of a fiscal code, and the computer will recognize the code that you have inserted.

Example:  STP123456789  (Insert the sequence without any spaces)

Example:  ENII123456789  (Insert the sequence without any spaces)

  • Then insert the date from the vaccination certificate.
  • Select from the drop down menu the language of the certificate.
  • Insert the Security Code. (It will change every time.)
  • Click on ‘Retrieve Certificate’ to get Green Pass in PDF format.

PLEASE NOTE:  It’s best to do the procedure at least 14 days after having received the vaccine’s first dose. After the second dose, the wait is reduced to 3 – 4 days.

If, after having completed this procedure, you are still not able to get a Green Pass,it’s best to contact:

  • The Free Number for Refugees and Asylum Seekers (ARCI) at 800 905 570 or Lycamobile at 3511376335
  • The COVID-19 Information Line at 1500 (this line is active 7/7, 24/24,) to get information and assistance with COVID-19 Green Certificate
  • Send a report to UNAR (the National Office against Racial Discrimination) by filling the following form at this link or by calling the Free Number at 800 90 10 10

(Credits: Binario 95 e Avvocato di strada)

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