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‘Super Green Pass’: New Guidelines from December 6, 2021

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New Guidelines are in effect from December 6, 2021 to January 15, 2022:

Reinforced Green Pass (also known as ‘Super Green Pass’.)  Who is entitled to it?

  • Who has finished the vaccination cycle
  • Who has had Covid-19

Basic Green Pass: Who is entitled to it?

  • Who has done a swab test with negative result

Validity of a ‘Super Green Pass’ and a ‘Basic Green Pass’ 

The ‘Super Green Pass’ will last for 9 months starting from the date of the last vaccination or that of a certificate of a clean bill of health.

The ‘Basic Green Pass’ will have a duration of 72 hours with a negative serological test otherwise it will be valid for 48 hours with a negative rapid antigen swab.


Guidelines for Public Transportation

To board a High-Speed Rail train or a plane, a regional or commuter train, it is still mandatory to show at least a negative rapid swab test done in the past 48 hours.

Update:  A negative swab will be mandatory on local public transportation. That means busses, subways and coaches.  Random monitoring will be carried out.  Holders of a ‘Super Green Pass’ will be able to travel without any restrictions.

Face Masks in Closed Spaces

It is mandatory to wear a face mask in closed spaces.

Face Masks Outdoors

In a yellow, orange or red zone, it is mandatory to wear a face mask even outdoors.  You must carry one at all times in all zones. 


How Will It Apply in the Workplace

To go to work it is sufficient to have a ‘Basic Green Pass,’ that means that a serological test has been done in the last 72 hours, or a rapid antigen test within 48 hours. A ‘Super Green Pass’ will be necessary to eat in the cafeteria.


Who Is Responsible for Monitoring and Issuing Fines at the Workplace

There is no change.  Employers are still responsible for insuring that their employees have a ‘Basic Green Pass.’  Monitoring will be carried out at the workplace entrance and by random checks.  Failure to enforce these guidelines can result in fines from €600 to €1500. Failure to monitor can result in fines from €400 to €1000.


Coffee Shops, Restaurants and Discos Are Off  Limits to Those without a ‘Super Green Pass’

Even in a white zone, those who are not vaccinated will not be able to sit in an indoor restaurant or coffee shop, private parties and public ceremonies.  Furthermore they will not be able to attend sporting events in stadiums or arenas.  

On the other hand, they will be able to go to a gym or swimming pool.

Please Note:  In a red zone, the rules that apply to those not vaccinated, will be applied to those with a ‘Super Green Pass.’  


Ski Resorts:  New Guidelines

At ski resorts located in white and yellow zones, you will be able to use the facilities with a ‘Basic Green Pass’ while in an orange zone a ‘Super Green Pass’ will be necessary.  In a red zone, ski resorts will be closed.

Asilo e immigrazione Minori Regole e comportamenti

Minors: how to reunite with a family member in another European country

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Minors who arrived alone in Italy and have a family member in another European country can apply for family reunification following a safe and free procedure. The information leaflets, produced by CIDAS and UNHCR, provide clear and simple information on the right to family unity and on the possibility of requesting family reunification.

The flyers are available and downloadable in 9 languages:

Covid Regole e comportamenti Salute

Covid vaccines administered abroad and recognized as valid for the Green Pass in Italy

vaccini Covid validi in Italia

Here are the Covid vaccines administered abroad and recognized as valid for the Green Pass in Italy:


  • Covishield (Serum Institute of India), 
  • R-CoVI (R-Pharm) 
  • Covid-19 vaccine-recombinant (Fiocruz)


 Recognition of validity shall be granted to: 


  • Italian nationals (including those residing abroad) and members of their families living with them
  • Foreign nationals who are in Italy to work or to study,

whether they are affiliated with the National Health Service or the “SASN” (Health Assistance to Flight Personnel)

  • All those registered with the National Health Service and vaccinated abroad

against SARS-Cov-2


The validity of the vaccination certificates issued will be the same as for the COVID-19 Green Certification (EU Digital COVID Certificate) issued by the Italian State.