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AssoLavoro: services for work and support for refugees

Accoglienza&Lavoro: here you can find information about work and specific support services for beneficiaries of international protection, temporary protection and special protection.
The services are provided to holders of residence permits for international protection (refugee status and subsidiary protection), temporary protection or special protection, or to those who have been issued an equivalent document by the police pending the issue of one of the aforementioned residence permits.

Accoglienza&Lavoro is a project promoted by Assolavoro, the National Association of Labour Agencies in collaboration with UNHCR – the UN Refugee Agency.

Discover all the services for social inclusion and access to work guaranteed – free of charge – by the Employment Agencies for those arriving in Italy.


Assolavoro, together with the trade unions Nidil Cgil, Felsa Cisl and Uiltemp, have signed an Agreement for the support of beneficiaries of international protection, temporary protection or special protection aimed at promoting their reception, inclusion and social-work integration.

  • Guidance and first information

  • Skills profile

  • Basic Italian language courses

  • Professional training courses


Beneficiaries of international protection, temporary protection and special protection who participate in a basic or vocational training course, or who are employed by an Employment Agency, are immediately entitled to access certain welfare benefits completely free of charge. The services are provided through the bilateral Ebitemp entity.

  • Nursery contribution

  • Support for education

  • Reimbursement for purchase of goods before baby needs

  • Reimbursement of psychological assistance