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20 scholarships for international students “UniTo for Students at Risk”

Call for application – 20 scholarships for international students “UniTo for Students at Risk” – a.y. 2022-2023

The University of Turin funds 20 annual scholarships “UniTo for Students at Risk” for international students who are refugees and are:

  • primarily coming from Ukraine and holding a residence permit for temporary or international protection
  • coming from Afghanistan and holding a residence permit for international protection
  • coming from other countries and holding a residence permit for international protection.

The scholarships are reserved to the above-mentioned categories of international students who wish to enroll in the academic year 2022-2023 in the first year of studies of an undergraduate degree program, one long cycle degree program and postgraduate degree program without a fixed quota of places (not requiring to pass an admission test).

Scholarship value: gross amount of 9600,00 euros.

Application deadline: September 13th, 2022 -11:00 a.m., CEST.

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University of Florence: Calls for Doctoral Students and invited Lecturer from Ukraine

In the dramatic circumstances of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, the University of Florence expresses its closeness to the affected populations and intends to promote concrete actions of solidarity towards the university communities in the country.

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University of Trento: 10 incoming mobility grants to Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian

Opportunities for Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian Scholars

The University of Trento will provide 10 incoming mobility grants to Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian scholars who have applied for or are already holders of international protection in Italy or in a European Union member country, or who have applied for or are already recognized as subjects at risk by Scholar at Risk, and have had to abruptly interrupt their research activities due to circumstances related to the war or the presence of a dictatorial regime.

Each of the grants is worth 900,00 euro per month for a period of 6 months in addition to free accommodation depending on availability.

Until all the available scholarships have been awarded, the UniTrento department of reference will periodically evaluate the requests received and take into consideration the academic profile of the interested scholar and their potential positive contribution to the research activities conducted within the department.

Interested scholars can send their CV to:
Diversity Management

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Survey on persons displaced from Ukraine

Have you fled the war in Ukraine?
What was it like for you arriving in the EU?
Could you find a place to live, a school or get a job?
How were you treated?
FRA, the EU’s centre for protecting and promoting human rights, wants to hear about your experiences.
Spread the word and complete our survey to help us protect your rights in the EU!

Seleziona un'altra lingua / Виберіть іншу мову / Select another language:

The EU Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) is the European Union’s independent centre for promoting and protecting human rights in the EU. We regularly run surveys to gather information that will help make Europe a better place to live and work.

For more information on the agency and its work, visit

What is the survey about?

This survey asks people who arrived in the EU after fleeing the war in Ukraine about their experiences. It is completely anonymous. By answering the survey questions, we can understand your real-life experience in a range of areas. Your answers will help highlight the needs of your community. This is why it is very important that you participate and ask friends and relatives to participate as well.

Who can take part in the survey?

People who have fled the war in Ukraine. This can be Ukrainian citizens as well as other people who were living in Ukraine when the war started and now stay in Bulgaria, Czechia, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Spain.

You have to be at least 16 years old to participate in the survey.

You can also participate if you are between 12 and 15 years old. To do this, please copy the link to our survey ( and send it to your parent or legal guardian. After they complete the survey, she or he can give you access to the questionnaire for children.

How can I participate in the survey?

You can answer the questions on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Start by clicking on the button ‘Start the survey’ and follow the instructions.

The survey takes about 25 minutes to complete. We know it is a lot. But your time is worthwhile spent giving us this information to help make Europe a better place to live and work.

The survey can be completed only once by each person. Please try to complete it in one go, but, if you must interrupt, please click on button “Resume later” and you will be asked to choose your user name, password and email: a link will be automatically sent to your email address allowing you to complete it later.

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Università di Padova: bando per studiosi ucraini e titolari di protezione internazionale

Il bando Unipd Scholars Rescue Fund assegna Fellowship di ricerca presso l’Università di Padova per studiose/i ucraine/i e di altre nazionalità titolari di protezione internazionale.

La fellowship viene finanziata congiuntamente dall’Ateneo e dal Dipartimento/Centro che garantisce l’accoglienza del Visiting Scholar, unitamente alla disponibilità di spazi, delle biblioteche, strumentazioni/laboratori, ecc. necessari allo svolgimento delle sue attività.

La candidatura deve essere presentata dal Dipartimento dell’Università di Padova che invita il o la Visiting Scholar a svolgere la propria attività di studio o ricerca presso una struttura dell’Ateneo, per un minimo di tre e un massimo di dodici mesi.

Per informazioni clicca qui o contatta
Elisa Gamba
tel. 049.8276206

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Powercodes: a coding academy for refugees

Powercoders is a coding bootcamp specializing in training professionals: Full Stack Web Developers, UX/UI Designers, Digital Product Owners and Front-End Developers and Back-end Developers

Programming languages and technologies studied will be:

● Bash Terminal
● Git – Github
● Basics of Javascript programming
● Object-oriented Programming with Javascript
● Database and data management with SQL, Sequelize e Mongoose

● Designing and Prototyping with Figma (UX/UI)
● Introduction to Front-End programming with JS, HTML, CSS
● Back-end programming with Node Js
● Frontend programming with React Js
● APIs
● MVP on production release as final project

During the training course, participants will have the chance to interact with potential hiring partners who plan to select and onboard students of the course.

After the first selection, an assisted onboarding process will start in which the student is going to focus on the technologies required by the companies.

Duration:  3 months + 1 month of preparation-work carried out autonomously on the project’s platform

Shedule: 5 days a week (Full-time), approximately:
Monday to Friday 9.00-13.00 e 14.00-18.00

Requested Skills:

●  Aptitude for logical reasoning
●  Basic knowledge of Windows/Mac OS/Linux operating systems
●  Good knowledge of Text Editors such as Word/Google Docs
●  Great motivation and full-time availability
●  Proficient knowledge of the English language (spoken and written)
●  Basic knowledge of Italian language and willingness to study and use it.

No previous knowledge of coding and programming needed

The course attendance is free. Each student will be provided with an Income Sharing Agreement contract through our partner Talents Venture. That agreement will be activated only when the student will reach a minimum salary threshold.

For further information please contact:
Social Lead Camilla Guerrato:
Project Manager Francesco Ecclesie:

Application deadline: 12th September

Visit the following website for further information: