2023 Reform of Open Competitive Exams: Refugees and EU Citizens Can Participate

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The   open competitive exams’ reform(Law n.80/2021, converted on August 6, 1921, into L. 113,) introduces important changes that will make recruitment to work in the public administration field more accessible and better quality.

–    In addition to Italian citizens, refugees and EU citizens can participate in open competitive exams if they are permanent residents or hold a long term EU residence permit;

–   Greater safeguards have been set in place to guarantee gender equality, safeguard those who are parents and those who have learning difficulties;

–   A six months limit has been established for the competitive exam procedure;

–   To participate in the open competitive exams, one must use the recruitment portal “inPA,” www.InPA.gov.it. Registration is free and must be done via the SPID, CIE and CIS systems of identification.


See the web page “SPID: a cosa serve, chi può richiederlo e come(SPID what is it, who is eligible and how to request it.)



The portal will also improve the quality of the recruitment process by using an innovative digital system that simplifies and accelerates the match between job employment requests and the needs of public administration system.

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