Spazio Comune launches a WhatsApp channel to improve the inclusion of Asylum Seekers in Rome

Spazio Comune, conducted by Programma integra and realised with the support of UNHCR – UN Refugee Agency, launches a WhatsApp Channel with the aim of sharing opportunities related to employment, training and housing for migrants and refugees, both from SUAM and Spazio Comune counters, and from territorial authorities. The effectiveness of this new tool depends directly on the number of people you can reach, so please spread the channel by sharing it among your contacts!

How do I access it?

To access the Spazio Comune WhatsApp channel CLICK HERE . Clicking on the link will allow you to browse only; to subscribe, on the other hand, click on “Subscribe”. This way, you will be able to stay constantly updated on shared opportunities. The channel does not support direct replies, but only the consultation of opportunities sent by the project operators.

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The Welcome-in-one-click platform is online

The Welcome-in-one-click platform, created by UNHCR in collaboration with Adecco Foundation, to enable refugees and asylum-seekers to be easily included in the labour market, is online. The Welcome program has involved more than 700 companies and promoted more than 30,000 job inclusion pathways for refugees. Now, the new platform will further accelerate the matching of labour supply and demand, facilitating access to job opportunities and strengthening partnership initiatives between companies and civil society organizations.

Discover the platform by clicking the  link 

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