University of Bari Aldo Moro: 25 Annual Scholarships for International Students

The University of Bari Aldo Moro is offering 25 scholarships for the academic year 2024/2025!

Each scholarship is worth €10,000 per year, covering tuition fees and providing significant support for your studies.

Deadline: 28 June 2024, midnight

Scholarship Amount: €10,000 per year

Coverage: Tuition fees and financial support


– Have obtained a valid qualification for admission to a Bachelor’s, Master’s or Combined Bachelor and Master of Science degree programme.

– Carry out pre-enrolment on Universitaly for non-EU students requiring a visa, available on Universitaly.

– Not to have been previously enrolled at the University of Bari.

– Be a foreign citizen resident abroad (excluding Italian citizens).

– Have received eligibility for the course, notified through Universitaly’s acceptance report (only for non-EU students applying for a visa).


– Other merit-based or income-based scholarships promoted by the University of Bari.

– Scholarships from MAECI, CRUI, foreign governments or institutions that have agreements with the University of Bari, and ADISU Puglia.

Application procedure:

1. Submission of application by 24:00 on 28 June 2024.

2. Self-registration on the University of Bari website

3. Filling in the required data and attaching the documents in PDF format.

4. Documents must be drafted in Italian or English. Translations must be made according to the rules established by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI).


For further details on the administrative procedure, contact the International Students Office at or consult the Announcement on the University of Bari website.

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corsi Lavoro

IInclude to grow, training and mentoring for migrant and refugee women

The ELIS consortium of companies, which brings together more than 120 large companies, SMEs, start-ups and universities, has launched the ‘Includere per Crescere’ project, which offers the opportunity to apply for a free training and mentoring programme preparatory to job placement.

The first pathway to be activated will be aimed at migrant and refugee women, high school or university graduates, with a focus on supporting the return of those who had to abandon a professional pathway due to incompatibility between work and family.

Those who pass the selection process will participate in an Employability programme (for about 1,000 people) aimed at increasing the participants’ ability to identify possible job opportunities. The most suitable profiles, at the end of the programme, will be able to meet the companies participating in the Includere per Crescere project.

Those hired will then be further supported in their professional integration pathway. At the same time, activities will be carried out within the companies themselves, in order to strengthen the culture of inclusion and foster the acceptance of new colleagues with an appropriate work organisation.

Are you interested?

Register on the ‘Include to Grow’ platform and access a free two-week online training course (4h/day, Monday to Friday) on: Team Working; Effective Communication; Emotional Awareness; Digital Innovation; Personal Branding; Self Em

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The CON Sapienza project promotes a free public initiative by setting up a legal desk focusing on legal issues involving migrants.

This service, run by La Sapienza University law professors, offers free legal advice and support to solve bureaucratic and legal challenges that may arise during the migration journey.

The legal experts, represented by a team of lawyers and PhDs specialised in immigration matters, offer timely answers to questions and provide detailed information to guide migrants through the complex maze of laws and regulations.

To access this service, simply send an email to

The legal assistance offered is essential to ensure that migrants can assert their rights and access the opportunities that the legal system offers.

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Evidenza Salute


The CON Sapienza project promotes a public and free initiative by setting up a listening desk focused on psychological well-being, which guarantees confidentiality and professionalism.

The desk is a safe and welcoming space for first- and second-generation migrants facing stressful situations and emotional difficulties. It is run by professionals from the Faculty of Psychology at La Sapienza University and offers a psychosocial support service aimed at restoring more functional emotional regulation processes.

Meetings at the PSY CON-SAPIENZA desk are free of charge and aim to provide immediate and targeted support. With an average of four initial sessions, followed by a possible follow-up meeting three months after the last one, this service is committed to offering continuous and customised support.

Minors will only be able to access the service if informed consent has been signed by their parents or those exercising parental authority.

To access the service, simply write to the dedicated email address,

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