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✊Do you want to become a team leader fighting for:
★ Women’s human rights and freedom of choice?
★ Do you want to know more about why forced marriages and honour-related violence happen?
★ Do you want to understand how to help friends and/or compatriots who suffer such violence?
★ And, above all, do you want to participate in a project that aims to prevent this issue?

🗣️*Who is it aimed at?*
– Young people of foreign origin or foreigners3
– Aged between 18 and 24
– Residents in Rome or Lazio

🎯What does the project offer?
A free 2-day training on:
– Human rights, gender-based violence, and honour-related violence: recognising it and giving support to those who suffer it
– Intercultural and intergenerational dialogue: communication strategies for conflict resolution
– Let’s organise a social-cultural project together on these topics: we want your ideas!

⏰ Where and when?
On 23-24 March 2024 at the Arci Nazionale headquarters in Via dei Monti di Pietralata, 16, Rome. For info contact us on whatsapp at +39 351 004 0780

ARCI is a partner in  FATIMA2, a European Project whose main goal is to fight gender violence, with a particular focus on those aspects related to honor ((Honour Related Violence, HRV,) that include honor killing, forced marriages and genital mutilations. If you want further information or you would like to participate in the Project, please go to: