January 10th Decree: New Guideline for Green Pass and Vaccines

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obbligo vaccino over 50

On January 10, 2022, a new decree went into effect that revised existing guidelines on vaccines and Green Pass.   Who is required to be vaccinated?  On what occasion is the Super Green Pass in effect, and when will the basic pass be sufficient?   Below are some of the most important changes introduced by the decree.  They will be in force until March 31, 2022, the same date that the state of emergency is scheduled to end.

The time period to be eligible for a third dose gets shorter. Starting now you can get the booster 4 months after the second dose instead of the 5 months now required.  On February 1st the validity of the Green Pass changes from 9 months to 6 months.

Additionally there are new guidelines that apply to certain categories.  The changes are below.  

Individuals over 50 Years Old

The new decree mandates obligatory vaccination for 

  • All Italian citizens and foreigners  50 years old,  or older, including those who will turn 50 before January 15, 2022, who are currently residents or present on national soil whether or not they are enrolled in the National Health Service.

Those able to show a doctor’s certificate are exempt from the mandate.  If the local health agency (ASL) recognizes its validity, it will issue a certificate of exemption for the anti SARS-CoV-2 vaccine in compliance with the Ministry of Health memoranda on the matter.

Workers over 50 years old who show up at their job without a Super Green Pass are to be considered absent without a cause and will not be paid, but they will not lose their employment or be subject to disciplinary action.

Starting on January 15 and up to June 15, the Super Green Pass will be mandatory to work.  Artisans and self-employeds are mandated to be in possession of a Super Green Pass when they work in the home of a third party or in a firm’s office.

BASIC Green Pass

Staring on January 20, it will be mandatory to:

  • Go to a beauty parlor, beauty center or barber shop.


Starting on January 20, it will be mandatory to have a Basic Green Pass to go to:

  • A bank, 
  • Post Office,
  • All stores with the exception of supermarkets and bodegas, and drugstores.

Super Green Pass

Starting on January 20, it will be mandatory:

  • To use public transportation,
  • To go to restaurants and coffee shops,
  • To stay at a hotel or visit a museum,
  • To go to a gym or pool.

The non-vaccinated won’t be allowed to enter any store except those that sell daily necessities such as a supermarket, drugstore, smoke shop or hardware.

Non-Compliance Fines

Mandatory vaccination will be in effect until June 15.  Starting on February 1, 2022, the non-vaccinated will be subject a one-time fine of €100.  Enforcement is in the hands of the Revenue Agency that will cross check the data of the National Health Card with those of the Office of Vital Statistics. The already set fines for workers who go to their place of employment without a Green Pass stay in place. Violation of the mandate is punishable with a fine from €600 to €1500. For employers who fail to implement the mandate, the fine ranges from €400 to €1000.

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