Decreto Flussi 2022: Entry Application Deadline Moved to September 30

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decreto flussi

The deadline to file entry applications for non EU citizens already enrolled in training projects abroad and for the conversion of residence permits has been moved to September 30, 2022.  The Decreto Flussi (Decree issued by the Council of Ministers on December 21, 2021,) has set the entry quota for foreign workers at a maximum of 69.700.  


If you fall in the following categories, you can still file an application:

  1. Conversion of residence permit for subordinate (or self-employed) work. To date only 45% of applications set aside have been  filled.
  2. Entry in Italy for non EU citizens who have completed their traning programs in the country of origin.  The quota of 100 entries for workers who have completed their training program in the country of origin has not been reached. (per Art. 23 of Legislative Decree N. 286/July 25, 1998.)


How to Apply

To start an employer, be he/she Italian or foreigner in possession of a regular permit, must file for authorisation to hire a non EU worker by filling the online form found at this link:

The application deadline is September 30, 2022 – not March 17, 2022, – and priority will be assigned in accordance to the filing date.

Please Note:  In order to file an application, you must be in possession of a Public Digital Identity or SPID.

The project Before You Go, which ends on September 30, 2022,  already has helped 583 individuals who intend to migrate to Italy by enrolling them in a cultural, language, social and work program in their country of origin. For further information visit this link.



The CON Sapienza project promotes a free public initiative by setting up a legal desk focusing on legal issues involving migrants. This service, run by

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