Extension of Measures that Grant Individuals Arriving from the Ukraine Temporary Protection and Social Services

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The Council of Ministers has approved legislature on “Urgent Measures on the Granting of Temporary Protection to Individuals Arriving from the Ukraine.” The state of emergency has also been prolonged.

Furthermore it extends till December 31, 2023, the measures, which are already in place, that guide the reception and assistance of the Ukrainian population. In the specific the following actions are  extended:

  • Widespread reception to be carried out by local municipalities, organizations that make up the Third Sector, and those associations that have already been approved by the government as mandated by the Consolidated Act on Immigration, and all religious organizations recognized by the government.
  • Living expenses for those who have been granted temporary protection but have independent lodgin.
  • Social Services: A lump-sum  of  € 40,000,000 has been set aside for the fiscal year 2023 to finance and improve social services in those municipalities that house a significant number of individuals who have been granted the status of temporary protection.

Furthermore the duration of the residence permits that have been granted to Ukrainian citizens up to now, has been prolonged to December 31, 2023, except in the case when the temporary protection has stopped.

Source: Council of Ministers