University for Foreigners of Perugia: free single courses for asylum seekers and refugees

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If you have applied for asylum in Italy and are waiting for an answer, or you are a refugee, or enjoy subsidiary protection or special protection in our country, you can enrol free of charge in individual courses at the University for Foreigners of Perugia.

If you are not in Perugia you can study at a distance and use the online resources available!

What documents must you present to enrol?

1. If you are an asylum seeker awaiting a reply:
– proof that you are an asylum seeker
– your statement on your previous studies

2. If you have already been recognised as a refugee or subsidiary protection or have been granted special protection:
– your residence permit for international protection or special protection;
– if you have already been recognised but have not yet been granted a residence permit, the decree recognising your protected status together with:
– an identification document
– a letter of identification written by the UNHCR, or by the centre that received you or by a recognised organisation that provides assistance to asylum seekers and internationally protected persons

Registration will open on 1 August 2023!

Register here: Web registration, University of UNISTRAPG (

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