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Starting Friday, June 10, livelihood grants of 300 euros per month will be disbursed to refugees from Ukraine who have applied for temporary protection in Italy and found housing independently. The support includes a contribution of 300 euros per month for each adult and a supplement of 150 euros per month for each accompanying child under the age of 18.

How to withdraw the 300 euros

Ukrainian citizens who have applied by May 9 and for whom the Civil Protection Department has completed all checks can collect the contribution for the months of March and April. In this case, those who receive notification by text message can go to any post office counter and present the identity document with which the residence permit for temporary protection was applied for and the receipt of the application issued by the Police Headquarters, where the tax code is indicated. People will have 2 months to withdraw the economic support, after which the contribution will be revoked.

Who can apply and who is excluded

All those who have submitted (until May 9) an application for a residence permit for temporary protection issued by the Questura who are, or have been, in a condition of autonomous accommodation, that is, with relatives, friends or host families for at least ten days within a month, can apply for the bonus.

Those who are housed in facilities made available by the Italian state (Cas-Centers for extraordinary assistance, Sai-System for reception and integration, facilities for widespread reception, hotels made available by the Autonomous Regions and Provinces) cannot apply for the contribution.

Can one still apply for support?

The support can be applied for by September 30, 2022, always through registration on the Civil Protection platform and is recognized for a maximum of three months from the date shown on the receipt of the application for a residence permit; depending on the period elapsed between the application and the request for the contribution, it can be recognized for one monthly installment, two or the full amount.

Full details on the grant, how to apply and what documents are needed can be found in this article published earlier.

Here is a list of post offices in Italy with multilingual services: List of multilingual post offices


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