Green Pass Now Mandatory at Workplace: How Does It Work

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Starting on October 15, 2021, all workers in the public and private sectors must have a Green Pass to go to work. The only exceptions are:

  • Those workers who due to their health cannot be vaccinated. In this case they must have a medical prescription that certifies their status. Free anti-Covid tests are available to this category. 
  • Those who are always smart-working.

What Happens to Those Workers Who Do Not Have a Green Pass

  • Workers in the public sector who do not exhibit a Green Pass when they enter the workplace will be considered absent without justification until they produce a Green Pass. The absence of a Green Pass will not jeopardize their employment, unless the Pass is not produced within 5 days. At that point the employment will be terminated, and no salary paid from the date of the original absence. 
  • Workers in the private sector who do not have a Green Pass will be considered absent without retribution until they get the Pass, but their employment will not be jeopardized.  For those companies that employ less than 15 workers, a regulation will go into effect that will allow management to temporarily substitute the worker without a Green Pass. 

Who Is responsible for Inspections of the Workplace?

Employers are responsible for enforcing these regulations.  The modalities for these rules will have to be set by October 15, 2021.  Controls will be carried out at the entrance of the workplace, or by carrying out random checks.

Those who require the services of a plummer, electrician or any type of technician in their home, given that they are engaging a service, are not obligated to ask the individual for their Green Pass. The option to do so is up to the individual requesting the service.

Fines and Sanctions

Workers in the public or private sectors who are found at the workplace without a Green Pass will be levied a fine that will range from € 600 to € 1500.

Cost of Anti Covid Tests Will Be Contained

You will also be able to get a Green Pass by taking a test (48 hours are necessary for the rapid antigen-test, 72 hours for a molecular test.)  Those pharmacies that have underwritten an agreement with the government will perform a rapid Antigen-test at the cost of € 15 for those over 18, while those from 12 – 18 will pay only €8.