Immunization Campaign Against COVID-19

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Immunization Campaign Against COVID-19
On December 27, 2020, EU nations kicked off the immunization campaign.

 The following categories will be vaccinated first:.

  • All medical and public health personnel
  • Nursing home residents and personnel
  • Seniors over 80 years old


  • Vaccines against COVID-19 are FREE
  • Vaccines against COVID-19 are free to EVERYONE (Italians and foreigners)
  • Minors under 16 will NOT be immunized
  • The vaccine is NOT mandatory, but it is important that the largest number of people be immunized to stop the spread of the virus
  • The vaccines currently approved for distribution need to be administered twice. The pause in between doses is determined by the vaccine itself
  • The individuals who have had COVID-19 will be able to get vaccinated
  • When the vaccines availability increases, the immunization campaign will be opened to the rest of the population15.

Visit the section: Information on How to Sign-up for vaccine

Source: FAQ from Ministry of Health website

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