Entering Italy to Work

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The number of foreign citizens who are admitted to work, whether seasonal, subordinate or otherwise, is determined by an annual quota set by the yearly Immigration Decree. The quotas determine the maximum number of non-EU citizens who can be admitted to Italy to work. In certain instances, determined by legislation, one may be admitted outside the quotas.

This type of visa can be requested by those who are citizens of one of the countries listed each year in the Council of Ministers Decree (DCPM) that governs the quotas for seasonal employment in the following categories: tourism, hospitality industry and agriculture. When clearance is granted, the foreign worker can enter Italy and set in motion the procedure to get a residence permit for seasonal employment.

The self-employment visa allows a foreign citizen who intends to pursue a professional activity or be self-employed to enter Italy. To get it you must fall within the annual DCPM entrance quota. On rare occasions one can apply outside the quota. Furthermore, you must show that you have sufficient funds at your disposal, and your profession must not fall within a category set aside for Italian citizens or EU members.

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