New facemark and green pass regulations will go into effect on April 1

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decreto 17 marzo

As a result of the Government’s decree issued on March 17, 2022, there are new facemask and Green Pass regulations.  Below you will find the key changes  that will go into effect on April 1.

PLEASE NOTE:   The Covid – 19 state of emergency will end on March 31, 2022.


The mandate to wear FFP2 facemasks will remain in effect till April 30, 2022, on:

– Public transportation

– In places where shows open to the public are held.

In the workplace it will suffice to wear respiratory track protection, not necessarily an FFP2 mask.

Green Pass and Work

Starting on April 1, all workers will be able to enter their workplace with a Basic Green Pass. The Green Pass mandate will end on May 1, 2022. 

The vaccine mandate will remain in effect till December 31, 2022, for those workers who are employed in a hospital  or a Senior long-term residential facility, or are employed in a health related field.  Those found not in compliance will be suspended from their jobs.

The Green Pass mandate will remain in effect till December 31, 2022, for all visitors to a Senior long-term residential facility, hospice and hospital ward.  If a person has had the virus and has a Green Pass, it will no longer be necessary to show a negative test result 


For those who attend Pre-k, Kindergarden, Elementary and Junior High school, or any secondary school, attendance will continue even in the presence of 4 positive cases.  For those students who are six years, or older, wearing and FFP facemask is mandated for ten days from the last contact with a positive person.  All students who are in isolation due to a Covid infection and have a medical certificate, can attend school via  distance learning (Didattica a Distanza – DAD.) A negative antigen or molecular test is sufficent to go back to school.

Isolation and Stay at Home Orders

Starting on April 1, those who have had contact with a positive person no longer need to isolate themselves.  Stay at Home orders are abolished, but the following rules will apply: 

– You may leave the house only in case of strict necessity,

– If symptoms are  present, you must do a swab 5 days after contact.

If the swab is positive, isolation will become effective.  Home confinment will last until you have a negative test result.


Other Changes

The March 17 Decree also includes:

– The end of regional Covid-19 zone color codes,

– Starting on April 1, all indoor and outdoor sport facilities will function at full capacit

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