Powercodes: a coding academy for refugees

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Powercoders is a coding bootcamp specializing in training professionals: Full Stack Web Developers, UX/UI Designers, Digital Product Owners and Front-End Developers and Back-end Developers

Programming languages and technologies studied will be:

● Bash Terminal
● Git – Github
● Basics of Javascript programming
● Object-oriented Programming with Javascript
● Database and data management with SQL, Sequelize e Mongoose

● Designing and Prototyping with Figma (UX/UI)
● Introduction to Front-End programming with JS, HTML, CSS
● Back-end programming with Node Js
● Frontend programming with React Js
● APIs
● MVP on production release as final project

During the training course, participants will have the chance to interact with potential hiring partners who plan to select and onboard students of the course.

After the first selection, an assisted onboarding process will start in which the student is going to focus on the technologies required by the companies.

Duration:  3 months + 1 month of preparation-work carried out autonomously on the project’s platform

Shedule: 5 days a week (Full-time), approximately:
Monday to Friday 9.00-13.00 e 14.00-18.00

Requested Skills:

●  Aptitude for logical reasoning
●  Basic knowledge of Windows/Mac OS/Linux operating systems
●  Good knowledge of Text Editors such as Word/Google Docs
●  Great motivation and full-time availability
●  Proficient knowledge of the English language (spoken and written)
●  Basic knowledge of Italian language and willingness to study and use it.

No previous knowledge of coding and programming needed

The course attendance is free. Each student will be provided with an Income Sharing Agreement contract through our partner Talents Venture. That agreement will be activated only when the student will reach a minimum salary threshold.

For further information please contact:
Social Lead Camilla Guerrato: info.italia@powercoders.org
Project Manager Francesco Ecclesie: francesco.ecclesie@powercoders.org

Application deadline: 12th September

Visit the following website for further information: https://powercoders.org/country/italy/