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The CON Sapienza project promotes a public and free initiative by setting up a listening desk focused on psychological well-being, which guarantees confidentiality and professionalism.

The desk is a safe and welcoming space for first- and second-generation migrants facing stressful situations and emotional difficulties. It is run by professionals from the Faculty of Psychology at La Sapienza University and offers a psychosocial support service aimed at restoring more functional emotional regulation processes.

Meetings at the PSY CON-SAPIENZA desk are free of charge and aim to provide immediate and targeted support. With an average of four initial sessions, followed by a possible follow-up meeting three months after the last one, this service is committed to offering continuous and customised support.

Minors will only be able to access the service if informed consent has been signed by their parents or those exercising parental authority.

To access the service, simply write to the dedicated email address,

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