Rome: Professional Training Course for Building Structure Operators

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Enrolment is now open for the FREE training course for Building Structures Operator

The course aims to train men and women workers with the minimum skills to work on a construction site and specialise in the renovation/maintenance of old and new buildings.


– Classroom and workshop training activities will take place at the Teresa Gerini Professional Training Centre in Via Tiburtina, 994, 00156 Rome;

– The internship activities will take place at partner companies/bodies in the reference sector.


Course start: May 2024

Course end: October 2024

Duration: the training course lasts 488 hours, of which 128 hours of classroom/laboratory and 360 of in-company internship. Classroom and workshop activities will be held in the afternoon from Monday to Friday.


Applications must be sent in by Thursday 18 April 2024 at 12 noon!


– Valid residence permit allowing work activity;

– Be resident or domiciled in Lazio;

– Be 35 years of age or older (preferably up to the age of 48);

– Unemployed or in a state of non-employment;

– Secondary school diploma (for those who have obtained a qualification abroad, it is necessary to present a declaration of value or a corresponding document certifying the level of schooling in accordance with the regulations in force).

– Europass CV;

– Tax code.


The candidate must submit to the Secretariat of the Cnos Fap Region

Filled admission application

– photocopy of the qualification

– declaration of value or equivalent document certifying the level of schooling (for foreign candidates);

– photocopy of a valid identity document;

– photocopy of the tax code;

– curriculum vitae in European format, dated and signed in original.

Selection and admission to the course

Six trainee(s) will be selected from among those meeting the requirements by means of several tests

– written test; test with 50 multiple-choice questions, for a maximum score of 50/100;

– oral test; individual aptitude and motivational interview, for a maximum score of 15/100;

– evaluation of the curriculum vitae, for a maximum score of 35/100.

Admission to examinations and final certificate

Following successful completion of the final examination, each student will be issued with a certificate of professional qualification of “Building Structure Operator”, referenced to the European Qualification Framework (EQF) level 3.

Attendance and attendance allowance

Attendance at the course is compulsory. A number of hours of absence equal to 20 per cent of the total scheduled hours is permitted. Students who exceed this limit will not be admitted to the final examination.
There is a training and placement grant of € 5.55 per hour for a maximum of € 800.00 per month, which is given according to the number of hours of training and placement carried out each month and which may not go below the 80% threshold, otherwise the grant will not be awarded.

How to apply?

The application form, together with the documentation

– must be sent by certified electronic mail (PEC) to


– submitted by hand to the secretariat of Cnos Fap Regione Lazio, Via Umbertide 11, 00181 Rome, Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 12.00.

For further information you can

click here

– call 0640500541

– write an email to

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