Single Universal Child Allowance

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The Single Universal Allowance is a family support measure based on the number of dependent underage children present within a family nucleus. The allowance continue until a child reaches adulthood.  Under certain conditions the allowance will continue until he/she reaches the age of twenty-one.

INPS (the National Social Welfare Administration,) is responsible for issuing the check whose amount is determined by a family’s ISEE (Indicator of Equivalent Economic Situation.)  Starting on January 1, 2022, families can apply directly to INPS for the allowance, or use an intermediary such as a patronato.  INPS will start disbursing the allowance beginning March 2022. 

The application’s deadline is June 30, 2022, but families are entitled to receive payments back dated to March 2022.

Who Qualifies

The following requirements are to be fulfilled to obtain the allowance:

  • Italian citizenship or a citizenship of a European Union (EU) member state or of a non EU member state along with a EU long term residence permit, or a single work permit that allows holder to work for a period over six months; or a residence permit for the purpose of doing research and, therefore, a residence in Italy for over six months,
  • Pay taxes in Italy,
  • Residence in Italy for at least two years, not necessarily on an ongoing basis; a permanent employment contract or a temporary one that lasts over six months.

Allowance Key Characteristics

  • The allowance is universal:  families of all incomes are entitled to receive it; however the sum to be disbursed is determined by the income declared in the ISEE. The lower the income, the higher the sum a family will receive.
  • The application can be submitted within 120 days of a child’s birth, or during the 7th month of pregnancy for each dependent child until the age of twenty-one.
  • If a child is 18 years old but less than 21,  he/she will still be eligible for the benefit if he/she is:
    • Enrolled in a study or training program or in attendance at a university,
    • Is part of internship, or is employed and declares an overall income of less than €8,000,
    • Is receiving unemployment, and is actively looking for work,
    • Is participating in the Universal Civil Service.
  • Once the application is submitted, the allowance will become effectively disbursed starting in March, or within 60 days of the date the application was filed,
  • The allowance will be deposited directly in the family’s checking account – it is necessary to provide the IBAN, – or by a redeemable money order.  Those who already receive the government’s guaranteed minimum income are exempt
  • Being the recipients of the allowance will not change the overall family income.

Please Note:  When submitting the application, include the ISEE. If not INPS will issue the allowance based on the minimum that the law foresees, no matter what is the true income.

Receiving Universal Allowance Has an Impact on Other Welfare Benefits?

Starting on March 2022 the allowance will replace a number of welfare benefits already in place for families with children. They are:

  •  Future Mother Bonus, Baby Bonus (also known as Childbirth Allowance,) Household Allowance, and   child tax credit.
  • Universal Allowance is compatible with the Minimum Guaranteed Income and Kindergarten Voucher.

Please Note:  If you are already the beneficiary of the Minimum Guaranteed Income, you will receive the Universal Allowance automatically.

Simulation of Amount of Universal Allowance

You will be able to calculate the amount of the allowance by using the INPS simulator found at the following link:

Categories Excluded from Universal Allowance

At this time all those citizens who hold residence permits not specifically included in the list of requirements are excluded.  Any future modifications of the requirements will be published in this homepage.

How to Apply

To apply one must enter the INPS website:

Or call the 803164 free number from a home phone or 06164164 from a mobile.  You can also use an intermediary service certified by INPS

You do not speak Italian and need an interpreter? Contact the Free Number for Refugees and Asylum Seekers (ARCI:) 800 905 570 – Lycamobile:  +39 3511376335.

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