Registrations now open for the UNHCR course “Comunicare da Protagonisti”

The training course “Comunicare da protagonisti”will be held on 13 and 14 December 2023.

The training course “Comunicare da Protagonisti” is tailored for refugees and stateless individuals in Italy, empowering them to embrace their pivotal role as witnesses and active protagonists in communication. The course will explore effective communication strategies to shape narratives in interviews, public presentations, and social media, in addition to understanding the dynamics of Italian media and public opinion.

All expenses for travel, meals, and accommodation are covered by UNHCR

To apply, please send your motivation letter by Wednesday 15 November 2023 to

For more information click here

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New Edition of the “Know Your Rights” Education Program in Milan

The Know Your Rights project will take place in Milan from October 24th to December 12th, 2023.

Know Your Rights is a programme to increase knowledge about one’s legal rights, an 8-lesson legal training aimed at asylum seekers, stateless persons, displaced persons or holders of other forms of protection.

Who can participate?
– Those over 18 years of age
– Those who plan to live in Italy
– Those who have a level of Italian no lower than B1/B2

How to enrol
Register at the following link

Via della Posta, 7, 20123 Milan, Italy

For questions and further information
Contact Alessia Amendola:

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The Single Universal Allowance is also due to those who have a residence permit for waiting for employment

On 19 September 2023, the Labour Court of Trento ruled that holders of a residence permit for awaiting employment are also entitled to receive the Single Universal Allowance (AUU). The permit for awaiting employment is, in fact, one of the ‘single work permits’, as it is a title that enables the holder to carry out a work activity for at least one year from the date of registration on the employment lists.

The single and universal allowance is an economic support to families with dependent children and is also due to foreign citizens. In particular, the single allowance is due not only to Italian citizens but also to

– citizens of a European Union Member State or their family members who have the right of residence or the right of permanent residence

– nationals of a non-European Union Member State holding an EU long-term residence permit or a single work permit authorised to work for a period exceeding six months

– holders of a residence permit for research purposes authorised to reside in Italy for a period exceeding six months

holders of a residence permit for awaiting employment

What are the amounts?

The allowance ranges from a minimum of € 50 per month to a maximum of € 175 per month for each dependent minor child.
For dependent children aged between 18 and 21, the amounts range from a minimum of €25 per month to a maximum of €85 per month.
There are increases in the case of dependent children with disabilities, mothers under the age of 21, large families, both parents working, and families with an Isee of less than € 25,000.

How to obtain the single universal allowance for dependent children

– For all new born children and for those who did not receive the allowance in 2022, the application can be submitted on the Inps website or through patronage institutions (Apply on the INPS website)

– From March 2023, those who have already received the allowance do not need to renew their application. In fact, renewal of the application will be automatic, if the application submitted has not been rejected, revoked or died.

– The allowance is disbursed by crediting the Iban or by direct debit transfer, except in the case of citizenship income recipients for whom, as long as the measure remains in force, it is disbursed on the same income card.

– Children aged over 18 and under 21 must fulfil one of the following conditions to benefit from the allowance

a. attend a school or vocational training course, or a degree course;

b. undertake an apprenticeship or work activity and have a total income of less than €8,000 per year;

c. be registered as unemployed and seeking work with the public employment services;

d. perform universal civic service.

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Graduate Horizons: mentorship for graduate degrees applications

Oxford University’s Refugee-Led Research Hub has launched Graduate Horizons, an initiative aimed at supporting individuals affected by displacement when applying for master’s or Ph.D. degrees for the 2024/2025 academic year.

Selected individuals will receive one-on-one online support from students and alumni of the University of Oxford, who can assist with the:

• Provision of guidance on various graduate courses and scholarships
• Preparation of necessary documents for submission to graduate degrees and scholarships

Participants in Graduate Horizons will also attend a series of workshops on how to draft a CV, how to select the best-fit university, and many more topics that can be of use.

➡️ For more information on the Graduate Horizons program, visit the official website.

⏰ The deadline for submitting your application is September 17, 2023.

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University of Ferrara: 3 scholarships for asylum seekers and refugees

The University of Ferrara has announced three scholarships for holders of refugee status, subsidiary protection, temporary protection and asylum seekers. The winners of the “Giuseppina Antolini” scholarship will be exempt from paying university fees (with the exception of regional tax and stamp duty) and will be entitled to a financial contribution of € 6,500.

Click here to fill in the application by 30 September 2023!

For further information you can consult the dedicated web page and read the call for applications.

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100 scholarships for holders of international protection

Until 4 September, it will be possible to participate online in the call for applications for 100 scholarships for holders of international protection for access to university degree courses, master’s degree courses, single-cycle master’s degree courses and PhD courses without a scholarship at Italian universities.

The scholarships are financed by the Ministry of the Interior, in collaboration with the Conference of Italian University Rectors (CRUI) and the National Association of Organisations for the Right to University Studies (ANDISU).

How to participate in the competition

All applicants must submit their applications to the web page by 23:59 on 4 September 2023, indicating the following data:
1. Surname;
2. First name;
3. Sex;
4. Date of birth;
5. State of birth;
6. Nationality;
7. Italian Fiscal Code;
8. Number and date of the document attesting to the status of beneficiary of international protection, as well as the Authority which issued it;
9. Number and date of issue of the residence permit, as well as the competent Questura which provided for its issue
10. Possible accommodation facility where he/she is hosted;
11. Qualification possessed; 12. Year of achievement;
13. Institute/University where the qualification was obtained
14. Italian university at which you are enrolled or intend to enrol       15. Bachelor’s, Master’s, Combined Bachelor and Master of Science or PhD programme for which you are applying (or in which you are enrolled, with an indication of the CFUs obtained)
16. Personal email address;
17. Telephone number.

Applicants are also required to attach the following documentation to the application:
1. Copy of an Italian identity document
2. Copy of the document certifying international protection
3. Certificate of exams taken/short CV (in Italian or English)/certificate of graduation of the course of studies completed in the case of Certificate of exams taken in the case of enrolment in subsequent years.
– Students enrolled in a PhD course must produce certification for the year of enrolment.

Applicants must contact the university where they intend to enrol BEFORE sending their application in order to verify the feasibility of enrolment.

Here is a list of contact addresses 

For all information and requirements:

Call for application 2023-24 – EN


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University for Foreigners of Perugia: free single courses for asylum seekers and refugees

If you have applied for asylum in Italy and are waiting for an answer, or you are a refugee, or enjoy subsidiary protection or special protection in our country, you can enrol free of charge in individual courses at the University for Foreigners of Perugia.

If you are not in Perugia you can study at a distance and use the online resources available!

What documents must you present to enrol?

1. If you are an asylum seeker awaiting a reply:
– proof that you are an asylum seeker
– your statement on your previous studies

2. If you have already been recognised as a refugee or subsidiary protection or have been granted special protection:
– your residence permit for international protection or special protection;
– if you have already been recognised but have not yet been granted a residence permit, the decree recognising your protected status together with:
– an identification document
– a letter of identification written by the UNHCR, or by the centre that received you or by a recognised organisation that provides assistance to asylum seekers and internationally protected persons

Registration will open on 1 August 2023!

Register here: Web registration, University of UNISTRAPG (

For more information click here

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Master in Human Resources: Scholarships for refugee students

ISTUD and Università Cattolica di Milano, with the support of the Istituto G. Toniolo, have set up two scholarships worth 12,000 Euro gross each, to cover the costs of participation in the university Master’s Degree Course in “Human Resources and Organisation” a.y. 2023-2024, reserved for two students with refugee status (or with subsidiary, international or temporary protection status).
For each scholarship, in addition to covering the entire participation fee for the Master’s course (worth €12,000, gross of any withholding taxes), an additional lump-sum contribution of €6,000 gross is envisaged, which will be paid in 6 monthly instalments, to support travel, board and lodging expenses. This contribution is offered thanks to the support of the Istituto G. Toniolo Institute for Advanced Studies and CeSI-Centro di Ateneo per la Solidarietà Internazionale, of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore.

All applicants may apply for the Fellowship by 20 October 2023, by e-mail (, if they possess

refugee status or holder of international protection or holder of subsidiary protection or beneficiary of temporary protection

university degree

good knowledge of Italian

good knowledge of English

The Master’s Degree in Human Resources and Organisation, now in its XXIX edition, accredited by ASFOR – the Italian Association for Managerial Training, will start on 20 November next, with the aim of training human resource management professionals able to effectively take part in selection, training, evaluation and organisational development, internal communication, and in the various professions related to human resource management in companies.


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2023 Reform of Open Competitive Exams: Refugees and EU Citizens Can Participate


The   open competitive exams’ reform(Law n.80/2021, converted on August 6, 1921, into L. 113,) introduces important changes that will make recruitment to work in the public administration field more accessible and better quality.

–    In addition to Italian citizens, refugees and EU citizens can participate in open competitive exams if they are permanent residents or hold a long term EU residence permit;

–   Greater safeguards have been set in place to guarantee gender equality, safeguard those who are parents and those who have learning difficulties;

–   A six months limit has been established for the competitive exam procedure;

–   To participate in the open competitive exams, one must use the recruitment portal “inPA,” Registration is free and must be done via the SPID, CIE and CIS systems of identification.


See the web page “SPID: a cosa serve, chi può richiederlo e come(SPID what is it, who is eligible and how to request it.)



The portal will also improve the quality of the recruitment process by using an innovative digital system that simplifies and accelerates the match between job employment requests and the needs of public administration system.

Click Here for Further Information

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New funding opportunity for organizations led by refugees

UNHCR’s Refugee-led Innovation Fund is open for new applications from refugee-led organizations across the world.

The Fund supports innovation by all organizations led by people who have experienced forced displacement, including refugees, asylum-seekers, the internally displaced, returnees, and stateless people. The Fund provides holistic support – combining financial resources, mentoring, and other expertise – directly to refugee-led organizations, to enable them to design and deliver new interventions that have a lasting positive impact on their communities.

Applicants are asked to apply as a team, usually as part of an existing organization.

Applications close on 30 June 2023 at 23:59.

More information here

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