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AssoLavoro: services for work and support for refugees

Accoglienza&Lavoro: here you can find information about work and specific support services for beneficiaries of international protection, temporary protection and special protection.
The services are provided to holders of residence permits for international protection (refugee status and subsidiary protection), temporary protection or special protection, or to those who have been issued an equivalent document by the police pending the issue of one of the aforementioned residence permits.

Accoglienza&Lavoro is a project promoted by Assolavoro, the National Association of Labour Agencies in collaboration with UNHCR – the UN Refugee Agency.

Discover all the services for social inclusion and access to work guaranteed – free of charge – by the Employment Agencies for those arriving in Italy.


Assolavoro, together with the trade unions Nidil Cgil, Felsa Cisl and Uiltemp, have signed an Agreement for the support of beneficiaries of international protection, temporary protection or special protection aimed at promoting their reception, inclusion and social-work integration.

  • Guidance and first information

  • Skills profile

  • Basic Italian language courses

  • Professional training courses


Beneficiaries of international protection, temporary protection and special protection who participate in a basic or vocational training course, or who are employed by an Employment Agency, are immediately entitled to access certain welfare benefits completely free of charge. The services are provided through the bilateral Ebitemp entity.

  • Nursery contribution

  • Support for education

  • Reimbursement for purchase of goods before baby needs

  • Reimbursement of psychological assistance

Evidenza Ucraina

Tell Us Your Story: an online study aimed at Ukrainian refugees

Tell Us Your Story, an online study, is an interesting effort to better understand the needs of displaced individuals from the Ukraine. It is a way to collect important information that could be relevant to the process of inclusion.

Tell Us Your Story, an online study, is an relevant effort to understand better the needs of displaced individuals from the Ukraine. It is a way to collect important information that could be relevant to the process of inclusion.

The study, promoted by the European Union Agency for Asylum (EUAA) and Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD,) aims at collecting information on the crossing of  Europe, family composition, level of instruction and personal situation of each refugee. To participate you must be an adult, and it takes just 10 minutes to fill out the questionnaire. It’s available in:

The result will be turned over to the EU member states and OCSE. The answers will be used to provide updates on the situation to the authorities in charge and will allow to better adapt services to the needs of Ukrainian refugees.

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Asilo e immigrazione Before you go Faq

Establishing Residence in Italy

It’s a document granted by the Italian government that bestows on a foreigner the right to establish residence n Italian territory. The duration of the permit varies.

The application for a residence permit must be filed within eight working days after being admitted to Italy. A delay is legitimate only in the presence of circumstances beyond anyone’s control. You don’t have to apply for a residence permit if you have come to Italy for a visit, business, tourism or to study for a period not over three months. In this circumstance a declaration of presence will suffice.

If a foreign citizen arrives in Italy to work or to reunite with his/her family, and applies for a residence permit for the first time, he/she must go to the appropriate Prefecture’s Unified Immigration Desk (SUI) (here is the map,) within an eight day period after being admitted. An appointment request can be sent via a Digital Signature Certificate (PEC,) with a copy of the postmarked visa attached. Subsequently you will be called to go in person to the SUI to:

  • Turn in the original of the necessary papers,
  • Be given the appropriate permit kit,
  • And for those between the age of 16 and 65, to sign the integration agreement (for additional info read the FAQ on the issue.)


If you are applying for a permit based on:

  • Awaiting employment, awaiting citizenship, international protection, family, self-employment, subordinate employment, out of the ordinary employment, seasonal employment, mission, religious beliefs, elective residence, stateless person (renewal,) study (long-term permit,) apprenticeship, professional training, EU Blue Card, need to amend residence permit (address, passport, civil status, adding on children,)

the requests must be deposited at an authorized post office, using the appropriate kit that can be found at all post offices, municipalities and union’s welfare agencies. 

In case of the following grounds:

  • International protection, subsidiary protection, 1° international protection, medical treatment, athletic competition, justice, integration of a minor, invitation, underage individual, family members (the granting of a permit to a non-deportable alien, ex. Art. 19 T.U.)  humanitarian, stateless person, workcations, and in every other case not specifically listed,

the application must be presented directly to the Questura (police.)

Generally, it’s necessary to have one’s personal ID (i.e., passport,) and any additional papers related to the type of residence permit being requested. Additional information can be had at an authorized post office, the Questura (central police station,) local municipalities and union’s welfare agencies.

The Questura will keep the original request. You will be given a copy that will serve as a receipt.


Please Note: When the application is deposited at the post office, the individual will be given a sheet with the date and time when he/she will have to go to the Questura to turn over ID photos and have their fingerprints taken.

The papers to be submitted are:

  • A €16 revenue stamp,
  • A payment of €30.46 via a postal payment slip (PSE,) for the electronic version of residence permit. The stamped receipt must be attached to the application,
  • Payment via postal payment slip of a sum that ranges from €40 to €100 for the permit itself. The type of permit and its length determine the amount to be paid.


Please Note:  The following categories are exempt from paying:

  • A spouse’s underage children or those born out of wedlock,
  • Those who have a residence permit for medical treatment,
  • Foreign citizens who are applying or renewing an international protection residence permit,
  • Those who are converting a still valid residence permit,
  • Those who need to amend a permit,
  • Family members of EU citizen who reside here based on D. Lgs. 30/2007.

The duration of a residence permit, if applicable, is equal to that of the entrance visa. In any case in the chart below, you will find all the info:

Employment with long-term contract

Max. 2 years

Employment with a short-term contract

Equal to the length of the contract; max of 1 year


Max. 2 years

Seasonal employment

Max. 9 months, no matter where you are employed

Waiting to be employed

At least 1 year, that is as long as the income support benefits that the foreign worker will receive, if superior to the year (L. 92/2012);

Study and training

1 year, renewable

Family members

The same as the person who has the right to family reunification, or max. 2 years

Application for international protection

6 months, thereafter renewable every 6 months until the procedure is completed

International protection (subsidiary and status of)

5 years

Special protection

2 years

Special cases

6 months, renewable for a year or more

Permit due to natural disaster

6 months

Permit for acts of bravery  

2 years

Volunteer work

Usually 1 year, max. 18 months

Scientific reasearch

Length of research program 

(D. Lgs. 17/2008)


The renewal must be filed at the post office or Questura, depending on the reason, at least 60 days before it expires. This is just a guideline, and should you not comply there is no immediate sanction foreseen. If the residence permit has expired for more than 60 days without proof that a renewal has been requested, you will be considered an irregular migrant.

In case of an application or renewal of a residence permit, the individual is a legal resident and can work provided that:

  • The application has been filed before expiration or within 60 days after the expiration date,
  • You are in possession of a receipt issued by the responsible authority that proves that an application or renewal of the permit has been filed. During this time you will be able to enroll in the National Health Service, renew the Identification Card, change your residence, have access to welfare programs, get your driver license, etc.

The residence permit cannot be renewed or extended if one’s stay in Italy is interrupted by a sojourn abroad of over 6 months, or a span of time superior to half of the permit’s validity, except in circumstances such as military service or the like. Furthermore, the residence permit will not be renewed if the legal conditions that led to its being granted no longer apply.

What are the residence permits that can be converted into work permits?

Study, apprenticeship or training

Before a permit’s expiration date, it can be converted into a work permit if the request falls within the yearly quota set by related legislation. If the conversion isn’t approved, you are still allowed to work 20 hours/week.

Seasonal Employment

Before its expiration date, but it must fall within the quota set by related legislation.

Underage (art.32, comma 1-bis)

Social Protection (now under the rubric of special cases, art 18 e 22, 12 quarter)

Victims of Domestic Violence ((now under the rubric of special cases) (art.18–bis)

EU residence permit for long term residents issued by another EU member state (art.9–bis)

Special Protection (as in art. 32, ¶ 3, of the January 28, 2008, legislative decree n. 25)

Due to calamity (as in art. 20-bis)

Due to Elective Residence (as in art. 11, ¶ 1, letter c-quarter) of the President of the Republic decree, August 31, 1999, n. 394)

To gain citizenship or be recognized as a stateless person

Due to Athletic Activity

Due to Artistic Type Job

Due to Religious Beliefs

To Assist Minors

Due to Medical Treatment

Please Note:  The residence permits issued while waiting for international protection status, allows the petitioner to work two months after the date the request was filed, but it cannot be converted into another type of permit.

A residence permit holder can:

  • Sign up at a Job Collocation Center and develop a professional curriculum
  • Enroll in the National Health Service
  • Sign up with Social Security (INPS)
  • Sign up with National Work Insurance program (INAIL)
  • Request to be civilly registered in the municipality of residence
  • Join and/or promote an association
  • Join a union
  • Enroll in educational and training programs.

In the following occasions, they must show their residence permit together with a passport or any other personal ID:

  • To members of the public administration when applying for licenses, authorizations, registrations, etc.
  • When asked by the police and other security personnel. If one refuses to show their ID, he/she can be arrested and fined up to €2000.  When a valid motive exists, the police can ask information and proof of   income (from work or other legitimate sources,) that must be sufficient to provide for the foreign citizen and his/her family. 
  • They have the obligation to communicate within 15 days an eventual change of address to the local Questore (police functionary.) The communication can be made via an hospitality declaration and/or a “cessione di fabbricato” form according to norms in place.

No, the residence permit is valid till its expiration date and, except for seasonal workers, for a period of not less than 1 year. If a new job is not found before the expiration date, there is the possibility to apply for a permit awaiting employment.

The integration agreement is an Italian governmental document that a foreign citizen must sign. It commits the individual to a series of steps to further the process of integration via courses in language, social and civil education during the permit’s duration. 

When the agreement is signed, the alien will be given 16 credits that can be increased through the acquisition of knowledge of the Italian language level A2, fundamentals of the Italian Constitution, civil life in Italy or the completion of activities. The credits will be reduced in the face of criminal, administrative and tax related offences. 

In order to remain in Italy, the agreement expects that the migrant will reach a quota of 30 credits within a two-year period

Source: Portale Integrazione Migranti (Ministero del Lavoro e delle Politiche Sociali; Ministero dell’Interno; Ministero dell’Istruzione.)

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Asilo e immigrazione Before you go Evidenza Faq Lavoro

Entering Italy to Work

The number of foreign citizens who are admitted to work, whether seasonal, subordinate or otherwise, is determined by an annual quota set by the yearly Immigration Decree. The quotas determine the maximum number of non-EU citizens who can be admitted to Italy to work. In certain instances, determined by legislation, one may be admitted outside the quotas.

This type of visa can be requested by those who are citizens of one of the countries listed each year in the Council of Ministers Decree (DCPM) that governs the quotas for seasonal employment in the following categories: tourism, hospitality industry and agriculture. When clearance is granted, the foreign worker can enter Italy and set in motion the procedure to get a residence permit for seasonal employment.

The self-employment visa allows a foreign citizen who intends to pursue a professional activity or be self-employed to enter Italy. To get it you must fall within the annual DCPM entrance quota. On rare occasions one can apply outside the quota. Furthermore, you must show that you have sufficient funds at your disposal, and your profession must not fall within a category set aside for Italian citizens or EU members.

Queste FAQ sono parte del Vademecum “Benvenute e benvenuti in Italia” realizzato nell’ambito del progetto Before U Go

Asilo e immigrazione Before you go Faq

Entering Italy

A visa is the authorization issued by the proper consulate or a country’s legal representative that allows a foreign national to enter the Schengen Area or Italy. 

It’s stamped in your passport or any other valid document. 

The citizens of any state outside of the European Union (EU) or a stateless person who intends to come to Italy for the following reasons: 

  • Adoption, Business, Medical Treatment, Diplomacy, Family Reasons, Athletic Competition, Invitation, Work – be it self-employed or contract, – Religious Beliefs or Mission, Research, Elective Residence, Readmission, Study, Transit through an airport, Haulage, Tourism, Workcation, Volunteer Work. 

Those who arrive in Italy without a visa cannot be turned away if he/she: 

  • Applies for or already benefits from the status of international protection, 
  • Is less than 18 years old, with the exception of a minor choosing to follow a parent or guardian who has been expelled, 
  • Benefits from temporary protection on humanitarian grounds, 
  • Benefits from temporary measures due to being a “special case,” 
  • Is pregnant or has given birth within the last six months. 

At the border the agents will check your ID and stamp the passport with place and date of entry. 


Please Note: If one lies or gives false identification, he/she will be liable to prosecution, and will be turned back

Queste FAQ sono parte del Vademecum “Benvenute e benvenuti in Italia” realizzato nell’ambito del progetto Before U Go

corsi Evidenza

Migriricerca II: The International and European Forum on Migration Research (FIERI) is offering a scholarship to young people with a migrant background

The Migriricerca II open call has been published online; it guarantees a training scholarship to do social research to young people with a migrant background. The application deadline is June 30, 2022.

The open call for Migriresearch II, sponsored by FIERI,  offers young people with a migrant background a scholarship to do social research. This is the second year that the scholarship is being offered. It is financially sponsored by Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo , and is based on the premise that while migration dynamics are a strong focus in the social sciences, the research being done on the phenomena, and the related social integration and segregation processes, is almost totally produced by native researchers devoid of any migratory experience either at the family and/or individual level. This reality is also the case in Italy, where even though migration has been a decisive element of its national demography, young migrants or those with a migrant background are underrepresented in cultural professions, especially in the academic universe. To widen their representation is not only a question of social justice but will have an impact on the quality of the research.

You have until June 30, 2022, to apply for the scholarship.

  • Be born abroad, migrated to Italy or have a migrant background.
  • Be under 30 years of age (not yet finished at the time of application,) or less than 32 (not yet finished at the time of application,) if the candidate has already gotten a PhD
  • Have finished, in Italy or abroad, a post-graduate degree in one of the following areas: Area 11 – Historical, Philosophical, Pedagogical and Psychological Sciences; Area 12 – Juridical Science; Area 13 – Economics and Statistics; Area 14 – Political and Social Sciences.
Scholarship Information

The scholarship will start on September 1, 2022, and will end on August 31, 2023. The scholarship is worth a nontaxable €16,800.00, paid out over a 12-month period via a coordinated contractual relationship.

How to Apply  

To apply you must submit:

  • An up-to-date resumé,
  • A letter explaining the interest for the application and one’s migrant background,
  • A proposal for a research project, preferably connected to one of FIERI’s topics:

These are the research’s suggested topics: the Commission will consider proposals focused on different aspects but connected to migration dynamics. The research proposal will have to be of at least 12.000 characters (spaces included,) and must explain the area chosen, the methodology that will be adopted and the type of possible outcome.

How to Send Application

The applications must be sent only via computer to the email address,, by June 30, 2022 (object: OPEN CALL MIGRIRICERCA II.) Those applications sent after the above date, will not be considered. Further information is available at the open call Migriricerca II (bando ufficiale Migriricerca II.)

Or contact Yassin Dia at:, 011-5160044.

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Ukraine: Ordinance Allots €300/Month to Every Refugee in Italy

Following the Government’s Decree that extended temporary protection to Ukrainian refugees fleeing their country because of the present conflict, the Italian Civil Protection Department – a structure of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers – issued Ordinance 881/March 29, 2022, that contained additional emergency measures in the matter of civil protection so as to insure that accomodations, aid and assistance will be available throughout the country to those who are arriving as a consequence of what is happening in the Ukraine. Let’s examine its major aspects.

Diffuse Hospitality

In order to solicit a national response, the Civil Protection Department will issue communications addressed to the Third Sector, service centers for volunteers, associations and religious organizations to promote the development of welcoming activities, even as joint efforts, throughout the country for those individuals and families that qualify for temporary protection.

Income Allowance

The Civil Protection Department will allocate an income allowance of €300/month for a maximun of three months to all Ukrainian individuals who have applied for temporary protection, whether they have arrived directly from the Ukraine or other nations, and are living in indipendent accomondations. Those who already benefit from alternative housing measures do not qualify. The three months will be computed from the date of the temporary protection application, and in all instances will not be extended beyond December 31, 2022. Those who are employed will receive a two months income allowance. In case of the presence of a minor, the parent, legal tutor or guardian will receive an additional €150 three month contribution per child under the age of 18.

How Do I Apply for It?

You can apply by filling out an application on the appropriate digital platform set up by the Civil Protection Department. Subsequently the beneficiary, with his/her personal ID and a copy of the receipt issued by the Police at the time of the temporary protection application’s filing, can go to any Italian bank, even without having  an Italian checking account, and they will receive the allowance in cash.

Measures Regarding the National Health Service

In the matter of the National Health Service, individuals entitled to temporary protection are granted the same rights as an Italian citizen. They wil be assigned a National Insurance Number that will grant them access to medical care.

How to apply for a grant

To apply for the subsistence allowance you need your Fiscal Code, a phone numberand an email.

The allowance is granted on a monthly basis, for two monthly quotas or for the entire amount, according to the time between your application for a residence permit for temporary protection and the application submitted on this platform.

Click here if you need to apply for the contribution for the first time or for later quotas if you have not received the full amount.

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Evidenza Regole e comportamenti

Decreto Flussi 2022: Entry Application Deadline Moved to September 30

decreto flussi

The deadline to file entry applications for non EU citizens already enrolled in training projects abroad and for the conversion of residence permits has been moved to September 30, 2022.  The Decreto Flussi (Decree issued by the Council of Ministers on December 21, 2021,) has set the entry quota for foreign workers at a maximum of 69.700.  


If you fall in the following categories, you can still file an application:

  1. Conversion of residence permit for subordinate (or self-employed) work. To date only 45% of applications set aside have been  filled.
  2. Entry in Italy for non EU citizens who have completed their traning programs in the country of origin.  The quota of 100 entries for workers who have completed their training program in the country of origin has not been reached. (per Art. 23 of Legislative Decree N. 286/July 25, 1998.)


How to Apply

To start an employer, be he/she Italian or foreigner in possession of a regular permit, must file for authorisation to hire a non EU worker by filling the online form found at this link:

The application deadline is September 30, 2022 – not March 17, 2022, – and priority will be assigned in accordance to the filing date.

Please Note:  In order to file an application, you must be in possession of a Public Digital Identity or SPID.

The project Before You Go, which ends on September 30, 2022,  already has helped 583 individuals who intend to migrate to Italy by enrolling them in a cultural, language, social and work program in their country of origin. For further information visit this link.

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Evidenza Lavoro

Multilingual Informational Manual against Exploitation on the Job

The multilingual informational manual   promoted by the multi-institutional help desk against the illegal recruitment of the workforce makes information and services accessible to foreign workers in Italy. The content is available in the following languages:


  • Italian
  • French
  • English
  • Arabic.


Some Info


The multi-institutional helpdesk against the illegal recruitment of the workforce was formed as part of the project P.I.U.Su.Pr.Eme. (Individualized Exit Paths from Exploitation.) It was jointly financed by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies, General Administrative Office of the Immigration and Integration Policies Department, and the European Union, PON Inclusion European Social Fund 2014 – 2020.


Its goal is to identify the victims of illegal recruitment of the workforce in Italy and provide them with access to local programs and services.



  • WhatsApp350.9092008
  • Free Number800 939000

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Covid Evidenza Salute

New facemark and green pass regulations will go into effect on April 1

decreto 17 marzo

As a result of the Government’s decree issued on March 17, 2022, there are new facemask and Green Pass regulations.  Below you will find the key changes  that will go into effect on April 1.

PLEASE NOTE:   The Covid – 19 state of emergency will end on March 31, 2022.


The mandate to wear FFP2 facemasks will remain in effect till April 30, 2022, on:

– Public transportation

– In places where shows open to the public are held.

In the workplace it will suffice to wear respiratory track protection, not necessarily an FFP2 mask.

Green Pass and Work

Starting on April 1, all workers will be able to enter their workplace with a Basic Green Pass. The Green Pass mandate will end on May 1, 2022. 

The vaccine mandate will remain in effect till December 31, 2022, for those workers who are employed in a hospital  or a Senior long-term residential facility, or are employed in a health related field.  Those found not in compliance will be suspended from their jobs.

The Green Pass mandate will remain in effect till December 31, 2022, for all visitors to a Senior long-term residential facility, hospice and hospital ward.  If a person has had the virus and has a Green Pass, it will no longer be necessary to show a negative test result 


For those who attend Pre-k, Kindergarden, Elementary and Junior High school, or any secondary school, attendance will continue even in the presence of 4 positive cases.  For those students who are six years, or older, wearing and FFP facemask is mandated for ten days from the last contact with a positive person.  All students who are in isolation due to a Covid infection and have a medical certificate, can attend school via  distance learning (Didattica a Distanza – DAD.) A negative antigen or molecular test is sufficent to go back to school.

Isolation and Stay at Home Orders

Starting on April 1, those who have had contact with a positive person no longer need to isolate themselves.  Stay at Home orders are abolished, but the following rules will apply: 

– You may leave the house only in case of strict necessity,

– If symptoms are  present, you must do a swab 5 days after contact.

If the swab is positive, isolation will become effective.  Home confinment will last until you have a negative test result.


Other Changes

The March 17 Decree also includes:

– The end of regional Covid-19 zone color codes,

– Starting on April 1, all indoor and outdoor sport facilities will function at full capacit

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