The new decreto flussi, the legislature that establishes the number of non-EU workers who will be allowed to enter Italy has been released

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On January 26, 2023, the ministerial decree approved on December 29, 2022, that sets the quota for non-EU workers who will be allowed to enter Italy to work, was published by the government.

A maximum of 82,705 individuals will be allowed to enter, of whom:

– 44,000 for seasonal work,

– 38,705 for non seasonal work, of these:

  • 30,105 entries are set aside for those seeking non seasonal employment in the following fields: trucking, construction, tourism and hospitality, mechanics, telecommunications, food processing, naval construction and self-employment.
  • 1,000 entries are set aside for those workers who have been trained abroad by participating in programs approved by the government, such as Before you go, that is gaining more and more participants.

Conversion of Residence Permits

If you are already in possession of the following permits, you can apply to change  their status:

  1. Seasonal Work Visa
  2. Student Visa or Permit
  3. Long – Stay Visa in other EU countries


    March 27, 2023, is the date when all applications can be filed. They will be accepted until the quota is fulfilled, or the deadline of December 31, 2023 is reached.

    PLEASE NOTE: All applications received will be processed according to the chronological order in which they were sent. It is best to prepare all the necessary papers as quickly as possible, otherwise there is the danger that an application will not be accepted due to the quota having been filled.

    Shortly a government memorandum will be published that will include an explanation of  the changes that have been introduced and the procedure to follow.

    For further information on the Decreto flussi, problems and procedures: 
decreto flussi


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