IInclude to grow, training and mentoring for migrant and refugee women

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The ELIS consortium of companies, which brings together more than 120 large companies, SMEs, start-ups and universities, has launched the ‘Includere per Crescere’ project, which offers the opportunity to apply for a free training and mentoring programme preparatory to job placement.

The first pathway to be activated will be aimed at migrant and refugee women, high school or university graduates, with a focus on supporting the return of those who had to abandon a professional pathway due to incompatibility between work and family.

Those who pass the selection process will participate in an Employability programme (for about 1,000 people) aimed at increasing the participants’ ability to identify possible job opportunities. The most suitable profiles, at the end of the programme, will be able to meet the companies participating in the Includere per Crescere project.

Those hired will then be further supported in their professional integration pathway. At the same time, activities will be carried out within the companies themselves, in order to strengthen the culture of inclusion and foster the acceptance of new colleagues with an appropriate work organisation.

Are you interested?

Register on the ‘Include to Grow’ platform and access a free two-week online training course (4h/day, Monday to Friday) on: Team Working; Effective Communication; Emotional Awareness; Digital Innovation; Personal Branding; Self Em

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