Transportation Voucher Who Is Eligible and How To Get It

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What Is It?

It is a subsidy valued up to €60 to be applied to the purchase of a monthly or annual pass.

The application deadline is December 31, 2022.

To see if your local public transportation company has adhered, consult the list of  Operatori di Trasporto Pubblico Locale Attivi e Non Attivi per il Bonus Trasporti (Local  public transport operators adhering to the scheme.) 

Who Can Apply for It?

Any individual is eligible who has an income of less than €35,000/year.

How Does One Apply?

To apply you must use your digital identity system (SPID) or electronic identity card (CIE) in addition to your tax code.

How Do I Apply for My Children?

Parents can apply for their children only if they are minors via the voucher transport website by using either the SPID or CIE in addition to their tax code. 

Children who have come of age, even though still being supported by their parents, must apply independently.

To request the voucher, go to the website of the Ministero del Lavoro e delle Politiche Sociali (Labor and Social Welfare Ministry,) and follow instructions.

Please Note: If you were born abroad, and do not find your “place of birth” on the list of municipalities, enter the place manually.

If you do not have a digital identity system (SPID,) consult the FAQ under: