Ukraine: Ordinance Allots €300/Month to Every Refugee in Italy

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Following the Government’s Decree that extended temporary protection to Ukrainian refugees fleeing their country because of the present conflict, the Italian Civil Protection Department – a structure of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers – issued Ordinance 881/March 29, 2022, that contained additional emergency measures in the matter of civil protection so as to insure that accomodations, aid and assistance will be available throughout the country to those who are arriving as a consequence of what is happening in the Ukraine. Let’s examine its major aspects.

Diffuse Hospitality

In order to solicit a national response, the Civil Protection Department will issue communications addressed to the Third Sector, service centers for volunteers, associations and religious organizations to promote the development of welcoming activities, even as joint efforts, throughout the country for those individuals and families that qualify for temporary protection.

Income Allowance

The Civil Protection Department will allocate an income allowance of €300/month for a maximun of three months to all Ukrainian individuals who have applied for temporary protection, whether they have arrived directly from the Ukraine or other nations, and are living in indipendent accomondations. Those who already benefit from alternative housing measures do not qualify. The three months will be computed from the date of the temporary protection application, and in all instances will not be extended beyond December 31, 2022. Those who are employed will receive a two months income allowance. In case of the presence of a minor, the parent, legal tutor or guardian will receive an additional €150 three month contribution per child under the age of 18.

How Do I Apply for It?

You can apply by filling out an application on the appropriate digital platform set up by the Civil Protection Department. Subsequently the beneficiary, with his/her personal ID and a copy of the receipt issued by the Police at the time of the temporary protection application’s filing, can go to any Italian bank, even without having  an Italian checking account, and they will receive the allowance in cash.

Measures Regarding the National Health Service

In the matter of the National Health Service, individuals entitled to temporary protection are granted the same rights as an Italian citizen. They wil be assigned a National Insurance Number that will grant them access to medical care.

How to apply for a grant

To apply for the subsistence allowance you need your Fiscal Code, a phone numberand an email.

The allowance is granted on a monthly basis, for two monthly quotas or for the entire amount, according to the time between your application for a residence permit for temporary protection and the application submitted on this platform.

Click here if you need to apply for the contribution for the first time or for later quotas if you have not received the full amount.

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