What Is It, Who Can Apply and How?

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SPID, the Public Digital Identity System, allows access to online services from the Public Administration and private sector by using a two-factor authentication: username and password. It can be used simply and safely from any device be it computer, tablet, or smartphone, every time that the key “Access with SPID” appears on a website or App. 


Who Can Apply?


  • Adults who have a valid Italian ID,    health card or tax identification number card, and reside in Italy or abroad
  • Foreign citizens with a resident permit and currently living in Italy

Where to Get SPID for Free?


To get your SPID credentials you must turn to one of the following digital identity providers licensed by AgID (Agenzia per l’Italia Digitale🙂

  • TIM id
  • SpidItalia
  • Sielte id
  • Poste ID
  • Namirial ID
  • LepIDa
  • Intesa ID

What Provider Should I Choose? 

The credentials that you will receive are all valid. Choose the provider that will complete the procedure more quickly and simply. Let your personal experience with them be your guide. Based on your needs, you can choose from three different levels of security and three different methods of identification to access online services. 

Differences Between the Three Levels of Security

Each service requires access with already established level of security. Identify the level of security you need:

  • Level 1 allows entry with username and password,
  • Level 2 allows entry with Level 1 credentials and the creation of a one-time password (OTP,) or an App available on smartphone or tablet,
  • Level 3 allows entry with SPID credentials and an additional physical device such as a smart card, available from the digital identity provider.

I Am a Foreigner, How Do I Apply for SPID?

You can habilitate, for free or by paying, on one of the digital identity providers websites.

You will need a:

  • Personal e-mail address (don’t use your work address or any other that one day might no longer exist)
  • Telephone number of an Italian or foreign mobile that you normally use, even if you are not the contract holder
  • Valid Italian ID, for example an Identity Card
  • Health Card with your tax identification number or tax identification card (or the corresponding certificates of allocation.)

It’s not possible to apply for a SPID if you have only a residence permit. Use the permit to request an identification card, and then apply for the SPID.

Below is a video that can help you create the SPID

In italiano:

In inglese:

Fonte video: Oxfamitalia

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